Transportes Paulo Duarte invests in new operational management system

Transportes Paulo Duarte has just invested in a new operational, tracking and productivity management system.

The solution chosen was DrivianTasks – developed by Sentilant, a spin-off company from the University of Coimbra -, an innovative and intelligent system that combines state-of-the-art technology in web systems with accessible mobility solutions to plan and control operations, operations and resources in real time. The system is composed of an app for mobile phones or tablets, and also includes a web management environment oriented to operational or business managers.

“With the implementation of DrivianTasks, Transportes Paulo Duarte continues its commitment to innovation, with the digitalisation and automation of processes, from planning to control, in line with the company’s strategy of efficiency and sustainability”, says Gustavo Paulo Duarte, Managing Director of Transportes Paulo Duarte.

“This system is a real example of how innovative ways can be created to put current technology at the service of companies and their management, at reduced costs. In addition, the fact that it was developed in Portugal was another factor that motivated our choice”.

“With this investment, we want to continue to be a reference in the road transport segment in all sectors that are transversal to the international economy, offering a value proposition of excellence and adapted to the needs and expectations of the most diverse customers,” he concludes.

One of DrivianTasks’ main features is real-time operations management. Through the system, the operatives of Transportes Paulo Duarte will obtain permanently updated information on tasks such as transport services or field operations and their progress, allowing the company’s productivity and other business indicators to be planned and monitored on a second-by-second basis. Using geolocation and GPS, the system is also able to optimise routes and transport processes, promoting intelligent driving in a proactive way to save fuel, reduce vehicle maintenance costs and efficiently manage human and technical resources.

In addition to being an operational and location management system, DrivianTasks is also a platform for analysing the evolution of business indicators, which stands out for its simplicity and flexibility. Thanks to the visibility and unification of control over charging and billing, profitability of operations and historical KPI analysis in a single system, informed business decisions – critical in today’s business ecosystem – are made easier. The metrics collected by DrivianTasks also allow you to track the state of the business in a deeper way, with access to configurable analysis and reports that help predict trends.

Source: Hipersuper

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