Ethics and Conduct

Ethics and Conduct

We count on everyone to maintain a solid and sustainable future, always governed by this Code of Ethics and Conduct.
Code of Ethics and Conduct should not be prepared to predict everything, but rather be a guide for decision-making.
Throughout its history, Paulo Duarte has shown itself to be one of the most resilient companies in the sector, through its focus on innovation, proximity, sustainability and safety.


This is the motto by which Paulo Duarte is governed and works towards the conquest of a promising future.
To honor our commitment to providing the best possible transport service, we seek to qualify our Employees, making them able to take on all the challenges and needs of each client.
Here we don’t see customers as representatives of a need, we don’t see replaceable Collaborators and we don’t see work as an obligation, on the contrary. We are a family business with a unique DNA that sees people and not crowds. Our investment is in our people, so that innovation and motivation never cease to exist and we can thus fulfill our commitment: to bring to everyone what they need.
For these reasons we do not believe in the impossible. We always respond to all challenges as a family and strive for constant improvement. These are our ethical principles. We are guided by our culture, our values ​​and our DNA that make us a company adapted to the reality around us.
Working at Paulo Duarte means wearing a shirt every day. It’s being part of a family and a commitment: to continue to improve and never give up. We are committed to complying and enforcing the principles of this Code of Ethics and Conduct on behalf of everyone.

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