We have extensive experience serving this sector and we have a modernized structure that allows us to build innovative solutions.

The monitoring system is carried out by sensing the tank and an automatic, autonomous process that provides detailed information in real time on the state of the tank, including any uncontrolled handling of the product. It allows the customer to be ASSURED that the product measured and consigned by the consignor on the delivery note arrives at the customer without any manipulation, and that it is completely unloaded (optical sensors at the bottom of the tank), also recording the vehicle's coordinates at all times and, in particular, whenever any sensor in the system registers any signal.

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We have a modernised distribution structure prepared for the demands of the energy sector and other dangerous goods. Our energy transport tanks are prepared to transport fuel, asphalt, fuel, chemicals, lubricants and gas. We ensure a specialized and effective solution, adjusted to market demands.

Calle La Rioja Nº8 03006 – Alicante

Tel: +34 965 10 29 11

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