We have extensive experience serving this sector and we have a modernized structure that allows us to build innovative solutions.

With unique characteristics, this sector is a fundamental pillar of the global economy. Currently, fuels are still heavily dependent on petroleum derivatives, namely liquid fuels. In general, industries continue to depend on fossil fuels to develop their activity, such as the ceramic, glass, chemical, textile, food, metalworking, steel, pharmaceutical or paper industries, among others.<br>
It is a sector in deep change, not only because of concerns related to the environment, but also because of growing uncertainties regarding the world reserves of fossil fuels, making it imperative to look for alternatives.

Advantages of working with Paulo Duarte:

At Paulo Duarte, we have sought to present an offer of high added value, where environmental and safety concerns are always present.<br>
The know-how we have and the modernized structure prepared for the demands of the energy sector, and other dangerous goods, allow us to face the changes to which this sector is subject with optimism, always contributing with innovative and effective solutions.

Experienced team;

Technical/specialized follow-up;

Transport traceability (DrivianTasks);

Fleet of tanks dedicated to: fuels, asphalts, chemicals, lubricants and gas.

We have the right solution for your business.
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We believe that it is essential in the distribution activity to ensure the balance of our environment. We invest in means capable of meeting this requirement.<br>
Our vehicles for transporting general cargo reflect our concern.<br>
Our customers can rely on different types of vehicles to transport their cargo, including the Link Trailer, which allows them to optimize time, space and resources and which has the advantage of reducing CO2 emissions by around 25%.<br>
We strive for excellence and absolute care with all products transported and for the constant satisfaction of our customers.


We have a modernized distribution structure prepared for the demands of the energy sector and other dangerous goods.<br>
Our energy transport cisterns are prepared to transport fuel, asphalt, fuel, chemicals, lubricants and gas.<br>
We ensure a specialized and effective solution, adjusted to market demands.


We have sea and air transport solutions for all types of goods, including dangerous goods and more complex and demanding operations.<br>
Through our global network of agents, we ensure strict monitoring throughout the entire logistics chain, respecting the specifications of each shipment. We provide technical customs consultancy that simplifies the bureaucratic procedures inherent to the typology of each merchandise.<br>
Crossing oceans, by sea or air, doesn't have to be an obstacle: here you can count on an experienced team. Our solutions are designed to provide you with the best value proposition anywhere in the world.


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