Integrity Channel

What is it?

The GPD integrity channel is the means by which possible violations of the code of conduct, internal rules and current legislation can be transmitted, complaints of facts that result in damage to the image and operation of the Paulo Duarte Group, as well as clarified doubts about the content and its application. Communications are reviewed by the compliance, body responsible for monitoring compliance with standards, answering the questions presented and coordinating investigations of complaints, made confidentially.

Whats the importance?

It is a tool of fundamental importance in the company’s integrity program, and for this reason the conducts practiced and communicated will be evaluated so that appropriate measures are taken, in order to mitigate any damages, being this channel of investigation.

What is the difference between complaint and complaint?

The complaint corresponds to the expression of dissatisfaction or unfavorable opinion (a protest, a complaint, or criticism) of the services provided by the Paulo Duarte Group.

Denunciation is a form of manifestation in which fraudstering or contrary to law, public order, regulation or statute are reported. According to law 93/2021.

What’s it for?

The integrity channel is only used to report complaints in accordance with the definition of law 93/2021.

How does it work?

The internal process works as follows: the protester records the report through the integrity channel (Denunciation Channel), identifying himself or choosing to remain anonymous. The compliance committee is responsible for the analysis and coordination of investigations into the information presented, as a fact, in addition to answering the questions expressed. Upon completion, the committee will make a decision and establish the necessary corrective actions for the case. For reasons of security and confidentiality, the conclusion of the investigation is communicated only to the protesters who identify themselves. To interact with the Paulo Duarte Group’s integrity channel, it is important to have the following information in advance:

· Where, how and when did the fact occur?

· Who are the alleged involved and responsible?

· What are the apparent reasons?

What audience is this channel intended for?

The GPD integrity channel comprises all employees, direct or indirect, customers, suppliers and partners, who wish to make communications in good faith, with responsibility and ethical commitment. We note that the filing of false accusations or incorrect and untrue information also constitutes a violation of the code of ethics.

The GPD Integrity Channel also offers the following means of communication to the intended public: Written messages by email to:

Voice messages to: Tel. (+351) 261 910 500

Terms of agreement:

The veracity of the information provided is the responsibility of the reporter. All information will be recorded and forwarded to Paulo Duarte Group.

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