Paulo Duarte launches new platform for customers

Paulo Duarte launches new platform for customers.

Paulo Duarte’s customers have as of today a new platform that brings even more to your relationship with the company.

The main purpose of the launch of the new portal is to enable customers to access, query and obtaining documents such as the CMR scanned that are associated to freight carried out. Allows the client to query and obtain invoices or credits issued for your entity, with its digital signature.

Paul Duarte is a company with great involvement in the area of environmental responsibility and with the new platform, we want to significantly reduce the invoice issued in physical format.

Another feature that is present on the platform is the possibility to follow the services Paulo Duarte is to make to the customer in real time via GPS, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s in a fairly intuitive, the new portal allows an improvement in the relationship between the client and the company, enabling a management autonomy, not requiring any validation to query by Paulo Duarte.

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